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Pension Architects has over 20 years experience in all aspects of the ever changing pension and benefits market. It has expertise in all actuarial, tax, legal and accounting aspects related to pension plans. Through our multidisciplinary approach Pension Architects can help with the optimization and consolidation of your supplementary pension schemes. We support you with strategic and operational advise.

Based on this experience we have focused in recent years on the administration of pension plans for corporate and industry wide pension schemes. Businesses can outsource their administration regardless of the type of pension vehicle: group insurance or pension fund.
In recent years a pension administration has become increasingly complex due to the ever changing legislation, additional data flows and more rigorous procedures. By fully focusing on innovation and digitization we can easily manage large volumes of data information in a highly cost efficient manner.

Of course customer care is our focus: after all, pensions are all about people and not just about numbers. Each affiliate is entitled to a personalized service, where questions and concerns will be answered immediately in a transparent and clear manner.