Pension Architects offers modular solutions that integrate seamlessly depending on the needs of a reliable and client oriented organization. You can choose the level of integration that is required and necessary.


Self-service is an optional module allowing affiliates to browse to their retirement accounts as well as all benefit statements and all other correspondence that was sent to them over the years. They can also use our retirement simulators to estimate their pension lump sum (both gross and net).

Our online portal will not only make communication with the affiliates more transparent, but will also help to optimize the underlying processes. The portal is set-up as a self-service system that allows affiliates to appoint beneficiaries or modify their address or other data.

Through this personal portal affiliates can request their retirement settlement and provide the necessary documents so the processing can be done entirely on a straight-through-processing mode.

Affiliate Helpdesk

This solution will go one step further than outsourcing pension administration. In this solution we will also be responsible for all contacts with the affiliates, either by mail, online or by phone, so you can focus on tasks with added value for you.

This solution is ideal for an HR department, an asset manager or insurer who wants to focus on its core business: HR advice, investments advice or insurance technical aspects.

Administration as a Service

In the concept of “Administration as a Service” a company outsources pension administration to Pension Architects.

We will process the administration and actuarial management, so you can focus on tasks with added value for your core business. We guarantee a professional administration in total transparency, which remains available and accessible, thanks to our platform.

In this solution you remain responsible for all contacts with your affiliates. The affiliates will contact you with questions about their pension plans or other questions. Pension Architects has no direct contact with the affiliates.

Back Office Management

You are considering outsourcing the administration of basic data.

A correct and efficient management of the affiliates data is no sinecure. A pension institution can use existing data flows of the Social Security network to initiate and update all affiliates’ data. Pension Architects can help you to process these data flows and deliver the data in a format tailored to your administration.

Software as a Service

Based on the concept of “Software as a Service” businesses can use the Pension Architects administration platform to process their pension plans. They can focus on tasks that add value to their company, whilst Pension Architects guarantees that the administration system, tailored to their needs, will be and remains available and accessible. No more worries about IT, software and infrastructure.