pension plan administration is our core business

Pension Architects is focused on administrative and actuarial outsourcing of pension plans in the context of group insurances and pension funds.

Based upon our four core values – innovation through technology, continuity, reliability and ethical conduct – we have developed an administration system that can easily handle the largest pension schemes. Large pension plans in particular can benefit (financially) from our innovative solutions.

Innovation Through Technology

Through years of experience we understand the substance of the processes, and by using extensive automation and digitization, we have developed a modular integrated platform. On a daily basis we succeed to organize our client’ processes on target and in a cost efficient way.

By combining knowledge and technology, all time-consuming and inefficient operations are abolished. This approach allows our clients to save time and liberate resources so they can stay focused on their core activities and add value to their business.


We understand like no other the (large) impact of our systems for our clients and your affiliates. Our systems should be available 24×7.

Pension Architects maintains a philosophy that focuses on business continuity and reliability. All our systems, data and program sources are backed up daily to an offsite secure server. In case of calamities we can be online in a short period of time and without losing any data, anywhere.

Moreover based on an escrow agreement, our client can request access to our program sources, so they will always be able to meet their obligations to their affiliates, even in case of the unthinkable.


A focused team and a financial solid base ensure reliability and security. Our software is subject to external and independent security audits by ethical hackers who test the robustness of our systems on a regular base.

Within each analysis and development phase we look at what the impact could be on confidentiality and privacy of the data. The Pension Architects administration platform is built entirely around controlling this risk.

Ethical conduct

The management of complementary pensions is a long-term commitment based on trust between the affiliate, the beneficiary, the contributing companies, the pension institution and Pension Architects as administrative manager. It is crucial for us to check all actions and decisions against this.

Pension Architects will always ensure to guarantee and develop this trust. We fully realize that, as a service provider, we are a crucial partner in the matter of pension management for the affiliates.

This translates into an open, transparent communication with all parties involved at all times, a long-term vision of the partnership, fair pricing and attention to the sustainability of our actions and solutions.